Our Team

Chris Young , Founder & President

Chris has worked in the field of industrial and agricultural chemicals and environmental remediation for 27 years. Beginning his career with Dow Chemical, Mr. Young has worked on environmental projects with the US EPA, the Department of Energy, the US Military and industrial and private clients around the world. In 2000 Mr. Young financed and co-developed a novel and proprietary biotechnology capable of eliminating persistent organic chemical pollutants, such as PCBs, dioxins, and pesticides in soil, groundwater and marine sediments. This technology sits at the core of the Biotech business model of “Green and Sustainable Environmental Remediation”. Mr. Young has designed and implemented effective, lower cost on-site soil, groundwater and sediment remediation systems for some of the country’s most toxic and polluted sites, reducing client’s cleanup costs and eliminating the client’s environmental liabilities. Mr. Young has worked in cooperation with local, state, and federal environmental regulatory agencies, multi-national construction and environmental consulting firms, and research universities on effective and innovative remediation projects.

David Fennema , CEO

Mr. Fennema has spent the last thirteen years in the Environmental sector, including renewable energy, wastewater/solid waste treatment and environmental finance. This phase of his career began as a Managing Director in investment banking in renewable biofuels and renewable energy. He then served as Entrepreneur in Residence for a New York based private equity firm, managing their renewable energy portfolio. In 2010, he served as Senior Executive Vice President, Global Environment for an industrial biotechnology company. In the latter position, the company treated wastewater and contaminated soils globally, using a biological and enzymatic product. Responsibilities included travel to partners and business development in 30+ countries. David holds a Masters in Business Administration from Kellogg School of Business, Northwestern University.