Case Studies

We have the right experience for re-mediated containment

  • Swenson PCB Site

    • Client needed to eliminate PCBs in soil to allow unrestricted residential development    
    • Soil excavation and off-site disposal costs were 5X more than Biotech’s on-site cleanup
    • Biotech cleanup was achieved in 6 month  
    • Remediated site was permitted for unrestricted development  
    • PCB (1254) post treatment TSCA goal of < 1 ppm was achieved in industry 1st biological cleanup of a PCB site

  • Amtrak PCB Site

    • Client needed to eliminate PCBs in rail facilities and at legacy hot-spots along its rail line.  
    • Widespread areas of PCB impacts precluded traditional remediation
    • Biotech’s treatment reduced PCB impacts in ballast material in 7 mos.  
    • Client could remove PCB impacted ballast and soil at < 50 ppm to non-hazardous landfill
    • PCB (1260) content (mg/Kg) post treatment – Bench Study

  • Housatonic River

    • HR Riverkeeper needed to demonstrate an alternative treatment to the State’s/EPA’s plan to dredge and bury PCB sediments in CDFs along the river  
    • Cost of proposed cleanup $800 million   
    • Biotech’s proposed on-site treatment to eliminate PCBs and CDF’s will reduce cleanup costs by $300 million.  
    • Biotech’s treatment would preserve the natural character of the river where the CDF plan would destroy the natural river  
    • PCB (1260) content (ug/Kg) post treatment – Bench Study